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Your best retreat

Going on a retreat will give you a renewed sense of self - your unique power and vision for the life you create for yourself. You will build up your inner strength and gain awareness.

This happens through a process of breaking familiar patterns, and stepping into the unknown where you can experience newness and grow. Unplugging from the busyness of everyday life and the daily routine, you will get back to center.

From our Flow retreat June 2019

When searching for your very best retreat, consider the following elements and what you are looking for:




time alone


healing arts

healthy food

time in nature

cacao ceremony

community building

Prioritise what matters most to you. Some meditation retreats will contain all of these elements, like our Flow retreats, and some will focus in on a few. There is something for everyone out there, as retreats are gaining in popularity at a record rate.

I recently went on a month long retreat and it was a life-changing experience. Having led many meditation retreats, it was important for me to be once again the student or seeker.

I gained so much awareness and felt so refreshed, I decided to go on a short retreat this weekend to continue my own healing journey. Stay tuned to hear more about it!

You can design your own retreat for yourself and your community, with friends or workmates for a transformational journey, by being in touch with the Flow team! Retreating together is the best way to bond and to expand the relationship, boosting communications and flow!

Founder/Chief Meditation Officer Flow - Meditation for modern life


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