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Flow Meditation
Mobile App

Access clarity and peace of mind on-the-go
- start your meditation journey today

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Feel more    ____________     with Flow

[insert what you need]

[grounded]  [energised]  [free]  [calm]  [focused]  [at peace]

Flow was created with the intention to give busy people, like you and me, an easy but impactful way to access the calming effects of nature and proven benefits of meditation.

What started as an app for virtual reality, is now also accessible to people who don't have a VR headset always at hand. With Flow mobile and web app, you can go into nature and take a meditative moment, at any place and time of the day.

Find out what makes Flow different from other meditation apps


Authentic nature scenes


Expert-guided meditation


Experience-enhancing music


Soothing nature sounds

Your Invitation Into Serene Icelandic Nature

Explore all the locations on our interactive Flow map.

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Experience stunning nature in immersive 360° video. Captured in locations all over Iceland by internationally acclaimed filmmakers.


Explore the six modes of Flow

We help you find what you need, when you need it.

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Your guide in English

Tristan Elizabeth Gribbin

"My meditations are suitable for everyone from beginner to experienced meditator. My goal is to guide you into a meditative state and to help you find what you're looking for in your meditation; whether that be more stability, focus, anxiety relief, or energy." 

Your guide in Iceandic

Stefán Arni

"I'm your Icelandic voice in Flow, and hope to help you come to a calmer state, find energy, and focus."

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Drift into blissful relaxation and recharge your mind and body

Set intentions, find direction, and explore important topics

Use your breath to overcome obstacles like stress and worry

Shake off tension and open up to more positive energy

Dance, release, and scream to let go and instantly feel lighter

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Find clarity and inner peace by reaching a deeper state of calm

Guided Meditation

Meditation Experiences Enhanced by Hand-Picked Music

Flow collaborates with award-winning artists who contribute with experience-enhancing music.

Joel Shearer (300 × 300px).png

Joel Shearer

Olafur Arnalds (300 × 300px).png

Ólafur Arnalds

Sigur Ros (300 × 300px).png

Sigur Rós

GusGus (300 × 300px).png


Of Monsters and Men (300 × 300px).png

Of Monsters and Men

Petur Jonasson (300 x 300px).png

Pétur Jónsson

Kiasmos (300 × 300px).png


Meditation Music

Now Available For Your Desktop - Try Flow Web App

Flow Meditation Web Portal.png

With a subscription to Flow mobile app, you can now also access Flow from your web browser.


Flow web app is the perfect choice when you...

... need a break while working from your computer

...  want to stream nature and meditations to other screens

... want to share a meditation in your online meeting


Try Flow Premium for free

Download Flow to get 30 days of free premium access - no payment details required. To continue your Flow journey after the free trial, choose between an annual and a monthly subscription plan.

Annual - $33.99*


Billed annually. Cancel anytime before renewal.

Save 29%

Monthly - $3.99*

Billed monthly. Cancel anytime before renewal.

* Prices may vary depending on your country tax.

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