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Unique features making meditation accessible to everyone

✓ High-quality guided meditations in English and Icelandic

✓ Stunning nature scenes from all over Iceland

 ✓ Video and immersive 360° 

✓ 28+  meditations to make you feel better in as little as 4 or 8 minutes  
✓ Hand-picked music and soothing nature sounds
✓ Customisable experience by length, music, guidance, and language

✓ Track your progress


Explore the six modes of Flow

The six modes of Flow are fundamental building blocks to our tools - mindfully crafted to present you with the meditation practice needed in any given moment.

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Shake off tension and open up to more positive energy

Use your breath to overcome obstacles like stress and worry

Dance, release, and scream to let go and instantly feel lighter

Find clarity and inner peace by reaching a deeper state of calm

Set intentions, find direction, and explore important topics

Drift into blissful relaxation and recharge your mind and body


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