Flow workshops

Explore important topics and learn new life skills

“The Flow workshop was a real success. All the people who participated really got a lot from it, and that day was the most productive day I have ever experienced. It felt effortless.”


Kristín Gestsdóttir

HR Specialist at Vodafone Iceland


Workshop programs

Flow workshops are designed to be educational and interactive, while offering topic-specific advice. All workshops include a guided meditation and tips on how to get the most out of your personal  practice. In private group sessions, led by seasoned meditation experts, including Flow founder Tristan Elizabeth Gribbin, you will access tools to reach further in your meditation practice.  


Choose from our existing workshop programs or request a customised workshop. 

45 minutes   |  online or in person*

* workshops in person only available in Iceland

1 | What is meditation?

An engaging introduction to practicing meditation, with an emphasis on its positive impact on an individual and professional level.

2 | Stress management

Learn how to stop stress responses before they even begin. Reframe how you view stress and decrease its negative impacts.

3 | Sharpen your focus

How do you break trails of mind-wandering, escape distractions, and refocus your mind to reach new levels of productivity?

4 | Coping mechanisms

Everyone faces challenges throughout life - in private as well as at work. Explore problem-solving and coping with difficult emotions.

5 | Achieve better rest

Learn more about how important a good night’s sleep actually is for both body and mind, and how to find deeper rest.

6 | Build stronger relationships

Explore how you can create more healthy, supportive, and fulfilling relationships with the people around you.

7 | The six modes of Flow with Tristan Elizabeth

Engage in a full 45-minute meditation practice with Tristan, who leads the group through the six modes of Flow; breathe, move, let go, calm, focus, and restore. Challenge yourself to let go of any preconceptions you may hold and feel the true impact of meditation.


Custom events

Arrange a unique meditation experience for your group, including workshops, talks, tours, and nature retreats, led by Flow founder Tristan Elizabeth Gribbin.

Tristan is a meditation leader, writer, and public speaker, who has helped both companies and individuals experience the profound benefits of meditation.