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Take a Break in Nature with Flow at Work

Boost productivity and togetherness at your workplace with our corporate wellness program

A Unique Wellness Program for the Workplace

Escape into nature without leaving the workplace. Find relief from stress and distractions.


Pure Icelandic nature

 Escape into serene nature and gain the calming effects of nature. Bringing you every imaginable nature phenomenon Iceland has to offer, wherever you are.

Expert-guided meditation

Enjoy meditation guidance ranging from calming stillness to intuitive movement. Suitable for everyone from beginner to seasoned expert.

Experience-enhancing music

Get into the right headspace with just the right music. From internationally-acclaimed artists such as Sigur Rós, Of Monsters and Men, and Ólafur Arnalds.

Soothing nature sounds

Let the authentic sounds of nature wash all your worries away. Discover birds singing, waterfalls, and what sounds a glacial ice cave makes.

Accessible tools at your fingertips

Flow gives you and your team access to the proven benefits of meditation in as little as 4 minutes, eyes-open, immersed in Icelandic nature.

Flow Meditation Mobile App Mockup.png
Flow Meditation Web Portal Mockup.png

Teleport into nature in

On-the-go with the

Stream meditations in the

Learn new skills in engaging

Virtual Reality

Mobile App

Web Portal


Improve Employee Wellbeing with Flow

Flow has a proven track record of improving the wellbeing at workplaces that offer our wellness program to its employees.

More than


found an improvement in overall wellbeing, stress levels, focus, and energy.

Artist (10).png
More than


said they would continue to use Flow on a weekly - or more regular - basis.

Artist (8).png
More than


said they would continue to use Flow if the workplace kept providing it.

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Find peace of mind Icelandic nature

Find yourself in calming nature with Flow. Flow encourages you to make time to release stress, recharge, and set yourself up for success.

Explore all the locations on our interactive Flow map.

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A Plan for Every Workplace

Monthly and Annual subscription plans available




Mobile App

Web Portal

Weekly Inspirational Content

Mobile App

Web Portal

Weekly Inspirational Content

Access to Flow in VR:

1 VR headset pack incl.  headphones per 10 employees

Kickoff Workshop

Mobile App

Web Portal

Weekly Inspirational Content

Access to Flow in VR:

1 VR headset pack incl.  headphones per 10 employees

Kickoff Workshop

Invitation to Flow events

4 live workshops

Quarterly report on usage

Step-by-step guide to onboarding Flow at work


Get in contact with us 


Receive a quote


Sign contract


Subscription confirmed upon first payment


Receive access to Flow meditation tools


Onboarding workshop


Regular check-ins with Account Manager

Not convinced? Download our one-pager to learn more.

Engagement Boosters

Growing library

A continuously growing library of guided meditations and nature scenes.

Tracking and analytics

Access engagement metrics for your company in quarterly reports.

Inspirational newsletter

Recieve a weekly newsletter, including advice, insightful interviews, and more.

Online events

Get invited to exclusive  meditations, talks, and more.

Add-on workshops

​Learn new life skills in workshops. Clients can book workshops to exclusive prices. 

Account manager

A dedicated Flow contact who will be there for you along your journey.

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Join Leading Companies that Go with the Flow


Katrín Ingibertsdóttir

HR Manager

PwC Iceland

"We feel what sets Flow out from other meditation suppliers is the technology, with the VR headsets, the (web) portal, and you also have the (mobile) app - it’s all the same meditation but in different mediums. You can put on a VR headset and go into a completely different world, and at least I haven’t found that with another company, so that’s why we chose Flow, so we can provide that to our employees - to meditate at work, in a completely different place, but still at work."

Copy of Untitled Design (42).png

Kristín Gestsdóttir

HR Specialist

Vodafone Iceland

“The Flow workshop was a real success. All the people who participated really got a lot from it, and that day was the most productive day I have ever experienced. It felt effortless.”

Ylva BergBW.jpeg

Ylva Berg


Coor Service Management

"Having Flow at Coor has shown there is a correlation between meditation in VR and improvements in stress, well-being, happiness, energy and focus. Flow’s combined focus on health and innovation is very well in line with Coor’s ambitions about increasing the well-being in the workplace, for our employees and our customers."


Tryggvi Thorgeirsson


Sidekick Health

"Sidekick Health's users benefit from Flow's highly effective meditation content through our platform. We have been in partnership since 2019 and we look forward to providing more smiles and ease of mind."

Vodafone logo.png

Benefits of Having Flow at Work


Stress Management

Provides training tools to manage

 feelings of stress and anxiety.


Increases employees' ability to declutter the mind and concentrate.


Trains the mind to find resolution and shift perspective.


Builds a sustainable work culture, where employees can thrive.


Strengthens relationships and support employees to excel as a team.


Allows for individual reflection to overcome personal struggles.


Bring Inspiration and Success to your Workplace with Flow

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