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Meditate with Flow in Virtual Reality

Escape your work piles, morning stress, or sleepless nights, and access a world of wonder within seconds.

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Get ready to be swept away to another world

Feel Calmer and More Energised with Flow in Virtual Reality

With Flow in virtual reality, you can meditate with eyes open, embraced by the calmness of Icelandic nature and its soothing sounds. 


Pure Icelandic nature

 Escape into serene nature and gain the calming effects of nature. Bringing you every imaginable nature phenomenon Iceland has to offer, wherever you are.


Expert-guided meditation

Enjoy meditation guidance ranging from calming stillness to intuitive movement. Suitable for everyone from beginner to seasoned expert.


Experience-enhancing music

Get into the right headspace with just the right music. From internationally-acclaimed artists such as Sigur Rós, Of Monsters and Men, and Ólafur Arnalds.


Soothing nature sounds

Let the authentic sounds of nature wash all your worries away. Discover birds singing, waterfalls, and what sounds a glacial ice cave makes.



downloads across multiple VR platforms



out of 5 in average rating on SideQuest



out of 10 in average rating for user interface

Be Truly Immersed in Nature

Enjoy eighteen and counting immersive nature scenes with a 360° viewpoint.

Frequently Asked Questions About Meditating in Virtual Reality

How does virtual reality meditation differ from regular meditation?

Virtual reality meditation helps by taking you away from the distractions of your surroundings and moving you into a calm and controlled environment.


One of the largest obstacles for beginners in meditation is struggles with keeping eyes closed and sitting still for an extended period of time. In virtual reality the meditator is asked to keep eyes open and not feel restricted to a seated position.

Meditation in virtual reality involves more of your senses than traditional meditation. Virtual reality meditation invites you to use both your hearing and vision to find the inner state of mind you are looking for in your meditation practice.

Why meditate in Virtual Reality (VR)?

Virtual reality meditation can help you deal with the stress and struggles of everyday life. By putting a VR headset on, you can find yourself in a meaningful environment that helps you let go and relax. 

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How can I get Flow for my virtual reality headset?

Flow is compatible with the following VR headsets:

  • Oculus Quest

  • Oculus Quest 2

  • HTC VIVE Flow

Looking for a solution for your workplace? Check out Flow at work.

Can I use Flow for the nature, without the guided meditation?

Yes, you can customise your virtual reality experience in Flow and choose whether you want to keep the meditation guidance and music on or off when you go into a nature location. Going into nature to relax and enjoy its authentic sounds is a form of mindfulness itself.

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How many nature scenes can I go into in Flow?

With Flow in virtual reality you can access 18 and counting nature locations in Iceland. Flow is continuously releasing new meditations and nature scenes, which you can access by simply updating the app. See all locations currently available in Flow.

Always Available on Mobile, Web, and in VR

No - we don't carry around our VR headset everywhere either. But did you know that with a subscription to Flow you can also access the app on your phone and computer?

Meditate with Flow in VR, on mobile or web, and enjoy integrated tracking, giving you an overview of your progress. See metrics such as:

  • total number of meditations completed,

  • minutes in meditation, and

  • daily streaks.

Curious to know more about Flow mobile and web app?

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Scan to download the app for your mobile device

What people say about Flow

John-Mark on SideQuest

“Exactly what I expected. Living in a big city, I need these views of nature. I can meditate, but I appreciate firstly the ability to rest without music and text. I even do my workout with it, nicer to be at the beach or elsewhere with the sun than being at 6 am in a dark room!"

Nick on Oculus

“Wonderful. This app brought me home by helping me remember what truly matters. Soft, calming, empowering and above all true.”

Magnus on Oculus

"I wanted to stay in the environment longer after the meditation was done but it kicks you back to the menu. Then I realized you can add extra sessions of the same meditation without music and talk in the playlist which lets you stay as long as you want. I found that very useful."

Emma  on SideQuest

“Great app! Beautiful locations and great quality videos. I love the option to remove the talking it is great so that I can just listen to the natural sounds of the environment."

Annie on SideQuest

“Lovely. Meditation is difficult for me, but this app helps. Am looking forward to its expansion."

Brigitte on SideQuest

“Wonderful! Exactly what I was looking for. An escape in nature's most beautiful REAL (no fake cartoon) environments. Such a wonderful way to wake up in the morning or take a break at any point."

Gabriella on Oculus

“Stunning nature. Just wish there were more. How about on top of a mountain?"


Ready to go into nature with  Flow in Virtual Reality?


for Oculus Go, Meta Quest, Meta Quest 2 and Samsung Gear VR


for Oculus Quest and Quest 2


for Oculus Rift


for VIVE Flow and VIVE Focus 3

Interested in having Flow at work? Learn more.

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