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What is meditation in Virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality (VR) refers to the use of technology to access a simulated environment. The three-dimensional environment can be experienced through devices such as specially designed VR goggles. Despite being artificial, VR allows the user to have an experience that feels very realistic.


Meditating in virtual reality poses multiple benefits. When meditating in VR you can keep your eyes open, which  makes it easier to give in to the meditation practice and disconnect from outside distractions.

Meditate with Flow in VR

Meditate with eyes open, embraced by the calmness of Icelandic nature and its soothing sounds. 

Immersive 360° visuals

Be teleported into another world in VR, allowing you to escape distractions and  keep eyes open while meditating. 

Calming nature scenes

Find yourself mesmerised by the wonders of Icelandic nature,  including waterfalls, volcanos, black sand beaches, and more.

Expert-guided meditations

Be guided by the comforting voices of experienced meditation leaders, including Flow founder Tristan Elizabeth Gribbin. 

Carefully curated music

Enjoy experience enhancing music by artists, such as Sigur Rós, GusGus, Of Monsters and Men, and Ólafur Arnalds.

Six modes of meditation

Choose among meditations for every mood and need. Accessible even during the busiest of days thanks to 4 and 8 minute versions.

Customisable experience

Tailor your meditation practice by choosing settings such as with or without guidance, music on or off, length, and language.

Benefits of meditating with Flow in VR

Escape into relaxing nature


By using VR to meditate you can effectively shut distractions out and find yourself in a meaningful environment that allows you to relax and refocus your mind.

Keep your eyes open

Sitting still with eyes closed is for many an obstacle to meditation. With VR you can keep them open and experience a dramatic boost in your ability to reach a deeper meditative state.

Easy and quick access


Escape your work piles, morning stress, or sleepless nights. By putting the VR goggles on you can access a world of calm from any place, at any time of your day. 

Personalise your practice 


Personalise your practice by selecting guided meditations and immersive meditation environments that work for you and your needs. Find your personal practice.

What our users say

“Wonderful! Exactly what I was looking for. An escape in nature's most beautiful REAL (no fake cartoon) environments. Such a wonderful way to wake up in the morning or take a break at any point."

Brigitte on SideQuest

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