About Flow

Flow Meditation for modern life is a platform with highly effective guided meditations included in the Flow VR app + mobile apps to help people access positive energy and inspiration, focus the mind and think clearly and productively, in just 4 minutes. Flow is designed to help us all achieve better stress management, enable desired change and upgrade our lives through instant and immersive access to meditation anytime and anywhere while tracking measurable benefits.

The history of Flow

Flow ehf was founded in June 2016 in Reykjavik, Iceland. Founder Tristan Elizabeth Gribbin and her team graduated the Startup Reykjavik summer 2016 accelerator program and then the Katapult Impact Tech accelerator 2018. Flow has received two major grants (50M for Growth and 10M ISK for Marketing) from Iceland’s Technology Development Fund, Tækniþróunarsjóður. Flow is the winner of the Golden Egg, Iceland’s prestigious startup award for best startup 2018.

Tristan Elizabeth Gribbin

Tristan Elizabeth Gribbin, co-founder and meditation leader of Flow has been practicing meditation with great passion since 2000, and has been teaching since 2010. She has led hundreds of meditation classes in Iceland and the Nordics, including dozens of Flow corporate sessions. Tristan is the original voice of Flow Meditation for modern life. 

Tristan worked for over ten years as an actress in theatre, television, and films in Ireland and Iceland, until 2004. Since then she shifted her focus onto a path of transformation with a strong emphasis on meditation and spiritual work. She is an expert leader in Modern-Day Meditation® and Breakthrough Breathwork®.