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Watch Flow take BBC Click into Icelandic nature to showcase unique meditation creation process

From Iceland's latest volcano springs innovation. Watch the Flow team and Click capture Iceland's new volcano in immersive 360°.

In BBC News' latest Click episode, the crew goes up the volcano to highlight the benefits of Flow's meditations, captured in Iceland for immersive virtual reality.

The Flow team trekked Geldingardalur with Click team's Kitty Knowles and Osman Iqbal, climbing the volcano at Fagradalsfjall in high wind. Meanwhile, the legendary Lara Lewington was back in London safe indoors, trying Flow in virtual reality. Her raw reactions are priceless!

"The landscapes are incredible. Iceland was a lovely place to go and meditate. It would be nice to go there for real one day." - @LaraLewington

The Flow team agrees and we would love to see all of them back in Iceland soon!


More about Flow

Flow provides access to the profound benefits of meditation via cutting-edge technology and has served over 50 leading corporations in Iceland and the Nordics. Learn more.

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