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The Flow Saga

Citizen's Spotlight is a weekly series sharing an XR Nation citizen's story. REYKJAVIK, ICELAND (January 27, 2021) – Flow is an award-winning VR/Meditation/SaaS company based in Reykjavik, Iceland. Launched in 2016 during the Startup Reykjavik accelerator program, Flow ehf. became the first company in Europe that successfully deployed a wellness solution combining Virtual Reality with meditation, mobile apps, and a widely popular corporate wellness program. Flow is also the first Nordic provider of corporate wellness solutions that gives immediate access to the scientifically-proven benefits of meditation via 360° video and the power of immersive, Virtual Reality technology. The Flow team has delivered their unique solutions to 50 corporate customers in the Nordics in sectors ranging from banking and telecom to energy and fashion.

“Flow teleports people like you to Iceland, to your very own private meditation retreat. Immersed in 360° pure nature, your mind naturally becomes more calm and you can meditate, and succeed in meditation from your very first try.” Founder Tristan Elizabeth Flow harnesses meditation’s transformative power by carefully weaving 360° imagery from Iceland's natural environment together with curated music and highly effective guided meditations. The results are mesmerizing and impactful. Best meditation app I have found anywhere.” - Matt on SideQuest Flow is pure bliss. I love to escape to the REAL nature, no fake cartoon imagery. It’s the reason I bought the Oculus.” - Brigitte on SideQuest The carefully crafted meditation content is the main feature in Flow's wellness programs which include apps for Android, iOS, and Virtual Reality and optional online workshops depending on the package. Flow in VR can also be downloaded by consumers on the VR platforms Steam, Oculus Go, and Oculus Rift / SideQuest.

Immersive meditation in VR is extremely difficult to accomplish and requires a powerful creative team. The team has three strong female leaders: CEO/Founder Tristan Elizabeth Gribbin CFO/Founder Thora Björk Elvarsdottir and Emilie Pasquet, our new Sales and Marketing Director. The Flow team also includes a visionary VR developer Magnús Norðfjörð and award-winning filmmakers, Arni & Kinski (A&K), who have been passionate about meditation since 2000. The Flow team has established themselves as leaders in Virtual Reality meditation, an emerging and fast-growing market, with the stunning and highly effective Flow VR meditation apps helping to lead the way. Flow Founder Tristan Elizabeth Gribbin has become a leading voice in the space of meditation technology publishing articles in Harvard Business Review, Forbes, Apple News, and dozens of articles in the Flow blog. “Meditation in our stressful modern age has become an urgent necessity, but it’s difficult to feel successful at it. It’s especially hard to slow down and meditate during times of overwhelming stress like we are experiencing these days”, says Founder Tristan. “Flow was designed specifically to meet the needs of today’s busy working people, with more immersive and impactful tools.” The uniqueness of Flow is the purity of Icelandic nature filmed by award-winning artists and the six modes of Flow which are market tested and approved. “Flow is not just another meditation app,” Flow’s Advisor Kristin Hrefna states. “The team has over 100 years of experience in meditation and their depth of expertise has created the unique six modes of Flow meditation, which HR managers love. These six modes of Flow work independently and in different sequences that can be profound and life-changing and help create the shift in the company culture the corporates are looking for.”

The six modes of Flow are:

  1. Breathe - Our breath is the foundation of meditation

  2. Move - Movement helps us open up and access positive energy

  3. Let go - Releasing stress can increase our ability to go deeper within

  4. Calm - From a deeper state we receive the true benefits of meditation

  5. Focus - An intention gives us a powerful direction in meditation

  6. Restore - Better sleep/rest recharges us and boosts well being

Click on one of the modes of Flow & experience a free 4-minute meditation Most VR meditation apps on the market today use computer-generated graphics and can be seen to be more like games or entertainment. Flow is for serious meditators of all levels from beginners to advanced and allows users to increase the power and depth of the meditation practice by giving them the opportunity to train and practice the six modes of Flow meditation no matter where you are, even in busy crowded places. Love the music and the guidance is just right.” - Gudrun on the App Store Best meditation app I have tried!” Valgerdur, Play Store I found Nirvana.” Goran, CEO Aim, Sweden after trying Flow VR Flow has been used to increase wellness at work in 50 workplaces, in an emergency ward in a NY hospital, in a music festival setting, and even on airplanes. The six modes of Flow are unique as they can be used inside or outside the software applications as they are skills that can be used for life.

Thora Björk and Tristan Elizabeth winning the Golden Egg award Flow has also been seen in the international media and onstage. Read our articles in HBR, Forbes, Apple News, and Mashable. Here is a shortlist of the highlights where you can see Flow in action: TEDX - Flow founder Tristan Elizabeth Gribbin on meditation in VR SLUSH - Founder Tristan and Kristin Hrefna on stage at SLUSH BioHacker Summit - Tristan on stage at Epicenter, Stockholm, Sweden

Tristan Elizabeth Gribbin onstage at SLUSH 2019 Find out more about us. Try-out Flow on our website, or get in touch with us at Connect with us on social media:

Be sure to get your Flow mobile app now, for more clarity and joy, and start your Flow journey.


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