Meditation for modern life

"Calming, transformative, stabilizes the mind"

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Right here, right now we welcome you to let go and 

experience the different modes of Flow meditation

Find your Flow and ignite your passion for life

Follow our guided meditations at home, at work or on the move with your phone or in virtual reality
Self discovery, team building and adventure through meditation in raw and stunning Icelandic nature
Customized Meditations, presentations and workshops for companies, teams and groups
Flow Apps
For Android, IOS and in virtual reality on  Oculus Go
Free meditations in each of the six modes of Flow
Track your meditation progress and health data to discover the measurable benefits of meditation
Available in English and Icelandic
Free and Flow Premium subscription available
Let go and unplug
Come meditate with the Flow team in Iceland!
Embark on a transformative journey of self discovery on a road less traveled
Flow for work
Upgrade your company culture through meditation
Boost positivity, creativity and togetherness in your company
We offer customized workshops and  subscriptions

Companies that go with the Flow

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"Finally a meditation app that goes beyond mindfulness and delves into exciting ways we can meditate on the go, moving about or even at work. Flow achieves this magic with the skillful combination of nature imagery, music and the genuine, accessible voice of Tristan Elizabeth Gribbin."
Peter Sterios 
Yoga teacher, original founder of Manduka and author of Gravity & Grace