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Find Clarity of Mind
in Nature with Flow

Escape into your private meditation retreat in authentic Icelandic nature and feel better within minutes

Available for virtual reality, mobile, and web now on

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Discover Another World with Flow

Breathe, relax, and find clarity in nature for an enhanced sense of wellbeing


Pure Icelandic nature

 Escape into serene nature and gain the calming effects of nature. Bringing you every imaginable nature phenomenon Iceland has to offer, wherever you are.


Expert-guided meditation

Enjoy meditation guidance ranging from calming stillness to intuitive movement. Suitable for everyone from beginner to seasoned expert.


Experience-enhancing music

Get into the right headspace with just the right music. From internationally-acclaimed artists such as Sigur Rós, Of Monsters and Men, and Ólafur Arnalds.


Soothing nature sounds

Let the authentic sounds of nature wash all your worries away. Discover birds singing, waterfalls, and what sounds a glacial ice cave makes.

How to Meditate with Flow

Using Flow is easy. Customisable features let you choose how you want to meditate. An hour long private meditation retreat or a 4-minute quiet break in nature - you decide. Flow invites you to you create personalised sessions that match your specific needs, and fit perfectly into your day-to-day life.

New! Enjoy full access to Flow for virtual reality, mobile, web with one single subscription.


Virtual Reality

Experience your own 

private meditation retreat, immersed in stunning Icelandic nature scenes.

Learn more.

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Mobile App

Have a moment to yourself and find clarity on-the-go with Flow Meditation mobile app, anytime and anywhere.

Learn more.

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Web Portal

Use your computer screen or Smart TV for high-definition meditation experiences you can access and share on demand.

Learn more.

Flow Meditation Workshops


Learn to meditate 

with experienced meditation instructors, including Flow founder Tristan Elizabeth.

Learn more.

Build a Resilient Organisation
with Flow at Work

Workplace stress, anxiety, and burnout are growing health threats in today’s society - and companies are hit by its consequences. Flow offers proactive organisations access to the proven benefits of meditation, by teleporting them into Icelandic nature. 

In a recent study more than 90% of the respondents stated that

they experienced a positive impact in overall wellbeing, stress

levels, focus, and energy, while using Flow at work.

With the Flow at work program employees can:

✓ Take unlimited breaks in nature through immersive technology

✓ Discover the powerful benefits of meditation

✓ Learn new life skills in engaging workshops

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Join leading companies that go with the Flow

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Wellbeing Powered by Icelandic Nature

Take a deep breath and discover the beauty of Icelandic nature. Authentic scenes shot by award-winning filmmakers. Explore all the locations.

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What Our Customers Say


Peter Sterios 

Yoga teacher, author and Founder of Manduka

"Finally a meditation app that goes beyond mindfulness and delves into exciting ways we can meditate on the go, moving about, or even at work. Flow achieves this magic with the skillful combination of nature imagery, music and the genuine, accessible voice of Tristan Elizabeth Gribbin."

CraigMackie portaitBW.jpg

Craig Mackie

Professor of Mindfulness and Certified Psychotherapist

"I had a chance to try Flow in virtual reality and I was blown away. I am very skeptical of technology and especially in the world of mindfulness where we are taught to practice as if the most important environment is inside the mind - not dependent on the external world. The experience reminded me of going on retreat, being lead by a skillful guide in a sacred place. It presents a complete package to rejuvenate, de-stress, and calm."

Ylva BergBW.jpeg

Ylva Berg

CIO at Coor Service Management

“We enjoyed working with the Flow team and we gathered valuable data to show that having Flow at Coor has shown there is a correlation between meditation in VR and improvements in stress, well-being, happiness, energy and focus. Flow’s combined focus on health and innovation is very well in line with Coor’s ambitions about increasing the well-being in the workplace, for our employees and for our customers.”


Göran Elovsson

CEO at

AIM Sweden

"After trying Flow: “I found Nirvana. This is incredible. I can see myself using this at my desk at work every day to de-stress.”


Kristín Gestsdóttir

HR Manager at Vodafone Iceland

“The Flow workshop was a real success. All the people who participated really got a lot from it, and that day was the most productive day I have ever experienced. It felt effortless.”


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