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Access the benefits of meditation through immersive technology, and be teleported into Icelandic nature

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Right here, right now, we welcome you to let go and 
experience the different modes of Flow meditation

Engaging tools for meditation

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Virtual Reality

Experience your own 

private meditation retreat, immersed in stunning Icelandic nature scenes.

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Mobile App

Have a moment to yourself and find clarity on-the-go with Flow Meditation mobile app, anytime and anywhere.

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Web Portal

Use your computer screen or Smart TV for high-definition meditation experiences you can access and share on demand.

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Learn to meditate 

with experienced meditation instructors, including Flow founder Tristan Elizabeth.

Build a resilient organization with
Flow at work

Workplace stress, anxiety, and burnout are growing health threats in today’s society - and companies are hit by its consequences.

Flow offers proactive organizations access to the proven benefits of meditation, by teleporting them into Icelandic nature.

Companies that go with the Flow

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What Our Customers Say

"Finally a meditation app that goes beyond mindfulness and delves into exciting ways we can meditate on the go, moving about or even at work. Flow achieves this magic with the skillful combination of nature imagery, music and the genuine, accessible voice of Tristan Elizabeth Gribbin."
Peter Sterios 
Yoga teacher, original founder of Manduka and author of Gravity & Grace