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What Do You Want to Find?

When we meditate, we often start by checking in with ourselves and noticing, "How do you feel?" Once we get more in touch with our feelings or emotions, then we can ask ourselves "What do you want to find today?" Maybe we want to experience and practice more joy, or inner strength. There are so many positive qualities we can access in meditation.

Having a specific intention or goal in meditation gives us a direction or focus, and allows us to gain more of what we are seeking. Maybe we want to find clarity or answers to a particular situation in our lives. Knowing what we are looking for is helpful but often we don't even really know what it is we want to find. That's ok too!

The main thing is we take the time to search inside of ourselves for a deeper sense of connection. From there we can let go of the distracting thoughts of the mind or whatever is in the way and access more calm and clarity. We can find a deeper sense of peace, think more clearly, and come back to the day knowing that we are on track.

Often an action step will pop up in our minds - something we know we need to do - while we are meditating. It's really helpful to have a pad of paper and something to write with to quickly make notes of these action steps, for example, a call you need to make, then you can close your eyes again and keep on meditating.

Taking proper action steps is another aspect of meditation we will talk about in one of our next Flow blog posts! Stay tuned!


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