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Power of Positive Thinking & Affirmations

Stong. Courageous. Resilient. Grateful. Calm. Focused. Centered. Grounded. Wise. Warm. Kind. Responsible. Compassionate. Loving. Peaceful. Determined. Passionate. Humble.

What qualities would you like to have more of today? What do you need? What do you want? Take a deep breath and ask yourself. We all need more... something. At some times we need a boost more than at others!

Say to yourself, "I am _____________" choose the word or words that fit your need today. Repeat!

For example, you can say to yourself "I am strong, I am wise, I am kind.", "I am calm. I am loving." or "I am courageous." Whatever fits your mood. You might not be feeling those qualities at all but as you repeat the words the feeling grows. Fake it 'til you make it!

Using positive words in this way is not just a good idea, but is scientifically proven. Positive psychology counts dozens of peer reviewed studies that back up this Focus practice.

By focusing on positive qualities, and repeating these kinds of words to ourselves, we immediately draw helpful energy towards us, and we get filled up with the special and unique power of these words.

This focus exercise can turn a hard day into a great day, a painful time into a learning experience of growth and building inner strength and resilience. Try it today!

Photos from a Flow Meditation Tour at Skeggjastaðir, Mosfellsdalur.


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