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We are the champions, my friends!

FLOWVR won the top Gulleggið 2018 award!

“This is huge for FLOWVR because Gulleggið is the most prestigious award for startups in Iceland”, said our CEO, Tristan.

It is the perfect timing for FLOWVR to take home the Gulleggið 2018 award as our focus for these past few months has been on polishing our business plan and on co-creating some very exciting Corporate Wellness pilot projects with some of the most cutting edge companies in the Nordics. On top of that, we will be attending SLUSH in Finland next month!

What is Gulleggið? Gulleggið means The Golden Egg! :-)

Gulleggið is an Icelandic business model competition run by Icelandic Startups for entrepreneurs. This is the 12th year, and the prizes are significant (1M ISK for first prize). Previous participants include Videntifier, Meniga and Karolina Fund.

Gulleggið is an excellent platform to hone business models, execution plans. Out of circa 150 applications, ten teams are selected, and after a one month intensive program participants submit their full business plans to a group of expert judges from various sectors. The final day includes a private full investor pitch, Q & A and later that day prizes are announced.

Ten selected startups compete for the top prizes…

All ten selected teams shined at Gulleggið’s final pitch competition at Reykjavik University last weekend. The awards ceremony took place that same afternoon at . FLOWVR came in first place plus received the Iceland’s Export Award from Íslandsstofa and consulting hours from Marel, the leading global provider of advanced equipment!

The extra awards we received from Marel provides us with 10 hours of technical support which can impact our development. We also get to work with Íslandsstofa to help us scale internationally. These big wins help us to charge forward at full speed with our product.

Second went to Greiði and third to Eirium. Prize winners include 9 am Iceland (People’s Choice) Koride (best product pitch) Ekki Banka (Advel Lögmannsstofan) VARK mushroom growing kits (Nýsköpunarsjóður Atvinnulífsins) Álfur Beer (KPMG Ísland).

We made many new friends in the process and all ten teams rocked!

Share the joy! Here are some pictures from the celebrations:

At Bergsson that night, Icelandic Startups got the boogie on with Genki Instruments DJ wearing the WAVE and we danced like it was 1999! See more pictures here.

Wow, it’s a big deal!

“Winning Gulleggið 2018 means that our business model has been validated by the Icelandic ecosystem, placing us in a more prominent position in the startup community in the Nordics. It is a perfect opportunity to grow our network and to find new customers and partnerships.”

In a nutshell…

It has been a marathon, but an extremely rewarding journey with Gulleggið 2018!

FLOWVR recommends every Icelandic startup aim for Gulleggið because the learning is tremendous, the network the best in the land and the fantastic prizes well worth the effort!


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