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Water as Soul Medicine

Water is life. We are over 60% water so let's drink plenty of fresh, pure and clean water to boost our health and our well being!

Drinking water can become a meditative daily ritual and here are ways to supercharge your water to make each moment count! Taking solid steps to boost our wellbeing is the perfect way to be more mindful!

When you prepare your water, think happy and positive thoughts. Send the thoughts, or words to the water as you pour and as you drink. Let the water fill you up with the positive energy of your words . Science has proven that good thoughts change the molecular structure of water, giving it more beauty and harmony.

Molecular patterns from using the thoughts "Love", "You are Beautiful", and "Gratitude" - through studies conducted by renowned Japanese scientist Dr. Masuru Emoto

Using positive thoughts or affirmations in Western culture, or as a mantra as referred to in the East in yoga and meditation traditions is proven in dozens of peer reviewed studies to have a real impact in boosting our mental health.

Flow - Meditation for modern life teaches us how to harness our ability to focus on positive thoughts in our Focus meditations. Book your Flow tour in Iceland now and taste the purity of Icelandic spring water straight from the source!

Enjoy your supercharged healthy water today and always!

With gratitude and love,

Chief Meditation Officer, Flow - Meditation for modern life


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