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True Strength

Imagine the inner strength of Icelandic flora and fauna. Every season, withstanding the elements, and every summer, rising and blossoming in the warmth of the sun. 

This kind of durability is in the DNA of each plant and animal, like we find in every human being. We find inside of ourselves resilience, determination, and countless other qualities, like trust and gratitude.

These essential qualities allow us to thrive amidst changes life brings us, and we can use these words as our mantra in Flow.

When we meditate with a focus, repeating to ourselves positive words, like trust or inner strength, we gain more of what we are seeking in our lives and we get into a Flow.

Meditate with a Flow audio guided meditation today. You will be glad you did.

💛Tristan Elizabeth    


💛Go to and meditate now with Flow.💛


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