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GusGus : Stay the Ride

Our Flow Creative Directors Arni & Kinski have done it again, creating another mind-blowing video for GusGus that people are falling in love with. Enjoy the ride here!


You fell right back

On your back

Let it slide through the door

And as the door was ajar

Things crept in from the past

Sit down.


On your couch

This ephemeral pain

Will go away

It won’t play

Or twist you ever again

Stay the ride

Into your pain delight

Enjoy the ride

Cast a light

Forge the dice

As you pay the price

Stay the ride

Into your pain delight

Enjoy the ride

Cast a light

On the electric glide

Since the mid 1990's Arni & Kinski have been making award winning music videos and touching hearts all over the globe. Stefan and Siggi were some of the original founding members of GusGus, which grew into a dynamic art collective. GusGus churned out classic hits with videos directed by A&K like Polyesterday and Ladyshave, and although Arni & Kinski exited GusGus in 2001, the internationally beloved band continues to blow the minds and hearts of all their fans. A&K moved to Los Angeles in 2001 to focus on their films and directed dozens of commercials for brands like Mercedes and Old Navy. Recently A&K directed a beautiful brand film for Soley Organics.

Check out the prolific body of work GusGus produced through the years in collaboration with Arni&Kinski in our previous blog article: "GusGus : Take Us Higher."

Higher, the 2020 GusGus video by A&K has gotten rave reviews internationally. A third video is anticipated in 2021. Stay tuned!

GusGus is our artist of the month for January. Stay tuned, next month we will feature Of Monsters and Men, who have worked with Arni&Kinski and are featured in our soon to be published new Let Go meditation!

Learn more about our Creative Directors Arni and Kinski by reading our blog post: Arni & Kinski - Genius at Work.


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