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GusGus : Take Us Higher

The compelling connection between Flow Founders / Creative Directors Arni & Kinski and GusGus goes back to 1995 when Stefán Árni and Siggi Kinski were part of the founding core of GusGus.

In those early years, GusGus' visual shows and videos by Arni & Kinski were a vital part of GusGus' trajectory on the world stage. Hits like Polyesterday and LadyShave made it to some #1 lists in Mexico, France and indie radio channels, and they toured globally.

Many years passed, and this dynamic creative collaboration re-ignited in 2020 with the creation of GusGus's latest breakout video, Higher, directed by Arni & Kinski.

Higher by GusGus featuring VÖK is a magnificent, striking song for letting go in Flow Meditation and is already showing up in FlowVR playlists on Spotify.

Check out the visually and aurally mesmerising live performance of GusGus and VÖK, and dancer/choreographer Hannes Egilsson on RUV Icelandic television performing Higher on Gisli Martein's show, inspired by the video.

The transformative synergy between GusGus and Arni & Kinski is apparent in the Flow Meditation app, with three of thirteen guided meditations accompanied by GusGus songs:

Move: Move and Connect with Your Desire - GusGus: Anthem

Move: Move and Open up for Positive Energy - GusGus: No Manual

Let go: Let go and Find Determination - GusGus: Lies Are More Flexible

Note: All guided meditations are available on the Flow Meditation app in both English and Icelandic. The current Icelandic voice is Stefán Árni, and meditation text is written by both Stefán Árni and Siggi Kinski of Arni & Kinski

Here is a list of the classic GusGus videos that Arni & Kinski directed

in chronological order:

Want to know how to meditate with GusGus? We, the Flow Creative and Meditation Leadership Team have been meditating to GusGus since 2000. It's easy. You can use your Flow Meditation app, or just put on the Flow <> GusGus - Move & Let go Spotify playlist and let yourself move and let go... just trust yourself. The music will help take you higher.

Stay tuned. 💛💥🔥


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