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Tristan Elizabeth Gribbin

A message from Flow's Founder and CMO - Chief Meditation Officer.

"Hi, I am Tristan, and I am your personal Flow meditation teacher."

I say this every time I lead a workshop - and I mean this sincerely.

I am here for you, and your questions

and comments are of critical importance to us, so we can learn to serve you better.

Our #1 goal at Flow is to make sure that every person who tries Flow - whether it's Flow VR, the Flow Meditation mobile apps, or our Flow at work corporate programs enjoys a profound experience of meditation from their very first try.

I am grateful that our team works so closely together to ensure that each meditation is highly effective, harnessing the power of music, nature sounds, 360° nature imagery, and guided meditations.

Photo by Arni & Kinski

"Let's allow ourselves to imagine a life mastered through meditation, and a world transformed where people learn to think of solutions instead of going to war, and where we learn to release negative emotions instead of unleashing them on others."

- from Tristan's TEDx Reykajvik talk, 2017

I grew up with yoga and meditation, but it was not until January 2000, when I became devoted to the practice of meditation after I went to a nine-day meditation retreat in Skálholt, the spiritual center of Iceland.

“Cradled in Iceland’s vast untouched nature, in long hours of a deep inner journey I was overwhelmed by the wonders that opened up to me in meditation. I thought, Everyone wants this!"

Ever since that time, I dove deep into workshops and seminars, meditating as often as I could. I founded Flow in 2016, with the mission to scale meditation via cutting-edge technology like virtual reality. It's been a tremendous journey of adventure and discovery as I have led hundreds of meditations and Flow corporate workshops, for companies like Telecom and Energy to Banks and IT.

Tristan at the BioHacker Summit event in Stockholm, Sweden - photos by Anders Lundkvist

Why is meditation so popular and so needed today? Tristan says, "Meditation is the most powerful tool we can use now to successfully navigate through our complex and challenging modern times, to boost our well-being and our positive outlook, especially in these tough times."

Tristan at the BioHacker Summit at Epicenter in Stockholm, Sweden - watch the video here.

Tristan and Ilja at Telia's Purple ideas event - photo by Anders Lundkvist

More about Tristan & Flow:

Tristan is Founder and Chief Meditation Officer and the original voice of Flow with a striking vision and mission to create easier access to the profound benefits of meditation via cutting-edge technology like VR and our groundbreaking mobile apps. The outcome is more clarity and joy, and countless other proven benefits, like an increased ability to focus and be productive, particularly for busy working people - like herself.

Tristan leads live meditations in Reykjavik, Iceland in Flow at work workshops for companies. Book a corporate workshop now at

Want Tristan to rock your conference with Flow? Contact Flow for speaking gigs:

Tristan also leads weekly Flow meditations at Sólir Yoga Studio, on every Tuesday at 13:15. Admission is free. Register at

Tristan's history before Flow:

Tristan and her family moved back to Reykjavik in 2012 to give their children the experience of growing up in Iceland where her husband Stefán Árni and their daughters were born. Before moving back to Iceland, Tristan and her family lived for one year in Munich, Germany, where Tristan taught Drama at the Munich International School (MIS). MIS one of the most highly regarded IB schools in the world. Before that, Tristan co-founded SUST Inc., an organic apparel company. SUST tied many of Tristan's interests together: the environment, sustainability, creativity/design, and media. SUST was sold in stores like Fred Segal in Santa Monica and Eco Citizen in San Francisco.

Tristan and daughter Leela in a 2017 film by Clare Langan, with music by Johann Johannsson

Before venturing into entrepreneurship and business, Tristan worked for over a decade as a professional actress in theatre, television, and film, mainly in Ireland, Iceland, and California, as a member of the Screen Actors' Guild.

From 1990-1995 Tristan lived in Dublin, Ireland where she acted in a series of leading roles at the Focus Theatre in classic plays by Arthur Miller, Sam Shepard, and Ibsen - to critical acclaim and standing ovations. She also had a lead role in Irish director John Carney's first indie film, November Afternoon. Her most exciting opportunity was in Braveheart directed by Mel Gibson as "Celtic Beauty", but the scene was cut before the release of the film.

Before moving to Dublin, she graduated with a BA in Theatre Arts from the University of California at Santa Cruz in 1990 where she won a Fellowship Award for producing. In her over 10-year acting career, perhaps her most notable role was in a performance of the one-woman play The Saga of Guðriður with which she and author and director Brynja Benediktsdottir toured throughout Europe and North America, giving over 100 performances.

Tristan is married to Stefan Arni, a film director, who is also a co-founder of Flow.


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