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The Sóley Story - Friends Forever

What would life be like without friends? Friends know and understand each other from deep in the heart. They sustain us through the good times and the hard times and support us in realizing our dreams.

Sóley Organics Founder, Sóley Elíasdóttir, Tristan,Guðbjörg andUnnur in a photoshoot for Sóley in 2016 and a still photo from 2021, the Sóley Film.

I first met Sóley in 1995 when I moved to Iceland and we spent hours and hours together in the kitchen, cooking, talking about our dreams, and our families, and being there for each other. It's been a wonder to see Sóley's company grow and grow into a magnificent representation of Iceland's healthy and creative legacy.

"Healing, healthy organic food, and meditation were often topics we discussed in-depth, and we also traveled to the countryside with our women friends to immerse ourselves in nature and meditate. Meditation in Icelandic nature has a special power to it, and we experienced that again and again."

This Sóley Film was directed with so much love and care by Flow's Creative Directors, Arni & Kinski. Once again, A & K tell a story that touches the heart deeply.

Watch the film:

I have been watching Sóley Organics grow since Sóley Organics was founded in 2007.

Here are words from Founder Sóley herself:

"I am so proud to share with you the beautiful Sóley Film.
We have been telling stories of my family and our heritage. Last summer we decided to capture the story and make a film with generous help from family and friends.
My journey started in my kitchen, making the Græðir healing balm for my kids, friends, and family using a recipe that has been in my family for generations.
The key ingredient as always is pure Icelandic nature.
We are wild, powerful, and pure - we are Sóley."


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