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Scream Therapy

💛 Having trouble thinking clearly, planning ahead, and getting things done recently?

It could be related to stress from the global pandemic. Recent studies have shown that feelings of depression and anxiety are higher than ever before. There are also smaller manifestations and symptoms of stress, including headaches, inability to focus, physical aches and pains, and lack of sleep. Turns out that meditation and building up resilience are the best ways to reverse this trend.

A Flow Let Go meditation is the perfect way to shake off stress and worry and feel more alive. Have you tried screaming?

You can take all your worries, doubts, and negative thoughts and scream them into a towel. Try screaming into a towel five times in a row, when you are in a private space where you feel free to let your feelings out.

I walk you through letting go, using a small hand towel, and even trying a silent scream in my TEDx talk, How to Meditate in Virtual Reality at 11:23 into the video.

Notice how after you scream, you feel lighter, better, and ready to face your day. You will have more ease in your communications with others. You might have to rinse your face with cold water and reapply makeup, but it is really worth it to let go and release some stress and tension at this time.

Read more on the latest science behind meditation, resilience, and scream therapy in our blog, "The Science of Meditation and Resilience During Covid. The best solution we know is to let go and go with the Flow!

With all my best wishes! 💛Tristan Elizabeth

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Lucas Miller
Lucas Miller
09 de fev. de 2022

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