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Be Resilient

What do you choose in times of stress?

Do you swim against the current or go with the Flow?

I recommend surrendering to what is, always. This makes us stronger!

My friend Surat Singh, a meditation master from India sent me this message below about how to build resilience.

Resistance or Resilience

Resisting the process of change often keeps us stuck in our comfort zone, as well as the blame game. But if you were to break through your resistance and move to acceptance, your resilience would grow.

Turn resistance into resilience, and you'll learn from the process of change, adapt, and grow. The choice is yours; resistance or resilience?

Good Morning.

Meditation is the most powerful way to make us resilient. We go within and discover our own inner strength and ability to face and handle whatever challenges we face.

Go to and meditate now, and see how your day transforms for the better! Enjoy!


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