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Peace, Love, & Flow in 2021

New Years Resolutions might not be the best way to start 2021. Tony Robbins tells us it's proven that we break 80% of our New Years Resolutions by the second week in February, and this leaves us feeling discouraged.

What works instead is building on positive action steps that we know already are working for us. Actions like giving, focusing on our highest priorities and practicing meditation.

These are our top three most powerful keys to a brighter 2021 for you in your life. These keys, when practiced mindfully, will also benefit all the people around you that you love and care about.

Now more than ever, in our challenging times, we need to focus on our own personal power and do what we can to make our lives the very best they can be.

All 3 of these simple activities become supercharged through Flow meditation.

Just 4 minutes in Flow can make your day more wonderful and fulfilling despite the challenges we face.

1. Giving from the heart

When we give to others, we immediately shift our perspective from ourselves and our own satisfaction or personal issues to others' wellbeing and happiness. This has an immediate positive impact on our state of mind.

Think of the people you know who are the greatest givers. These are our heroes, the people we look up to, who make personal sacrifices of time, attention, and energy for the good of people around them.

By giving generously, with dedication, love and skill, we receive endless benefits, like joy and satisfaction and we become more and more the hero that deep in our hearts we know is possible to become. Think of ways you can give to the people you care about. Make a list, and start to prioritize giving. Get creative! You will be so glad you did.

2. Having clear priorities

Consider what you give your precious time and energy to. If you are not sure what your top priorities are, you can meditate on it, take a walk in nature and breathe and consider, what is your greatest purpose in life?

Perhaps your personal purpose is giving love to your family and friends. Perhaps you want to have a positive impact on the world, humanity, or the environment. Maybe it's your own personal growth and quest for inner peace or fulfillment. Find out what your heart is longing for the most and dedicate your life to that. Set your priorities accordingly. Explore what that means by allowing yourself to dream and contemplate what kinds of action steps you wish to make to fulfill your purpose.

Having a purpose you can be passionate about will give you strength and determination to be more and more resilient and creative through tough times and energize you for the long journey ahead.

3. practice Meditation

When we meditate, we tap into our secret superpowers. ;-)

Seriously, meditation is scientifically proven in thousands of studies to improve sleep, increase our ability to focus, help us communicate more efficiently, make us more productive, increase our happiness and wellbeing and many more measurable outcomes.

When we meditate, we worry less, and spend more time in meaningful ways like building good relationships and being creative in our lives and in business, finding solutions and becoming more prosperous in the process.

With the new Flow mobile app, you can learn to meditate on the go, with your eyes open, and make any moment night or day into a moment of meditation.

Hear what our first users have to say:

"Best meditation app I have ever tried." - Valgerdur on Play Store

"Helps me form a good habit." - Gudrun on the App store


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