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Now Meditation

The best meditation you will ever experience is the one you are engaged in right now.

Take a deep breath, connect to yourself, focus on gratitude, and move your body! In this moment, you are letting go and meditating in a Flow...

"1000 thanks for the best meditations I have ever experienced" - Hugrún H "I meditated to Flow's Breathe and Let go meditations while out in nature - a super powerful way to meditate - it made me feel so centered and at Home."

Meditation experiences of the past and ones we imagine we will have in the future can inspire us onwards, but our goal in meditation is to be fully immersed in the moment, going deep within in the here and now.

Turn on a Flow audio guided meditation of your choice. As soon as you can, pop on a Flow VR headset and meditate in Icelandic nature. You will be glad you did!

Right here, right now, is the only time we can achieve what it is we are looking for!

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Tristan Gribbin
Tristan Gribbin
Jul 20, 2020

Thanks you Hugrún Halldórsdóttir for your photo, heart "thank you" drawing and words, and your eternal enthusiasm for Flow meditation!

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