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Modern Lifesaver

You don’t have to change your lifestyle at all to start meditating. You can be a really regular business -and family- down to earth person living a normal life. You certainly don’t have to go into a cave or monastery like in centuries ago.

Flow Chief Meditation Officer Tristan Elizabeth Gribbin meditating in Iceland

With meditation you become more and more real and more grounded. People have been meditating for thousands of years, like in India 5,000 years ago, and like the Icelandic Vikings back at Thingvellir in the year 1,000 AC for example, so it is part of our heritage as human beings, it's in our DNA.

Meditation has become an essential accessory to our modern lifestyle. Now millions of people around the globe are seeking ways to meditate online. There are hundreds of meditation apps in the app stores, and hundreds of meditation videos on YouTube.

You can have fun exploring these online meditation resources to see what works best for you. Flow brings the most cutting edge meditation tools to the table and is one of the first meditation platforms to introduce virtual reality meditation to the fast growing marketplace with remarkable success.


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