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Let Go!

In times of great change, the very best attitude to have is one of letting go.

Letting go is joyous and ecstatic when we are happy - think of some of your best times like a wedding or a birth. When change is upon us, and it's positive, we naturally are in a flow.

Letting go can be tricky when there are difficult or painful feelings to face and feel. That's when we need meditation tools the most, to help us deal with hard times in the best way.

Here's how you can actively let go faster so you can move and get through stress to the other side, where you feel free to express yourself and achieve your heart's desire.

The most favorite tool we teach in our corporate workshops is how to scream.

This is how it goes:

Take a deep full breath from your belly. Exhale and relax any tension you have in your body.

On your next big deep inhale, think of something you want to let go of. It might be a situation at work or in a relationship. It might be something from the past, or a current issue in the news. Whatever it is that is burdening you, get ready to let it go, release and scream it out. You can scream into your inner arm to muffle the sound, or you can use a small hand towel. (See the video below for instructions.)

Photos by Anders Lundkvist, taken at Telia's Purple Ideas Event in Stockholm, 2018.

You can even do a silent scream in the bathroom at work. I demonstrate the scream, and the silent scream in my TEDx talk, How to Meditate in Virtual Reality.

It's best to do this exercise in a place you feel safe and free to let go. Try this in your car, or in your bedroom, or even in a room with family or friends. It's always a healthy release and is a fantastic way to open up a deeper conversation with oneself or others about life!

Once you have Let Go, you can more naturally find a Calm place within! Try this on

To your health and happiness!


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