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Gratitude is the attitude of love and care for oneself and others. When we express gratitude in words or thoughts, in that moment we get into a positive mindset and flow.

The word for gratitude in Icelandic is Þakklæti. I find this fascinating. We can break þakk-læti into two parts - "að Þakka" is to give thanks and "læti" is a word for "sound". Once we give voice or expression to gratitude, in the form of words or thoughts in our minds there is a kind of sound or spark from within that has an immediate positive effect on us!

There is science behind gratitude's powerful benefits. Positive Psychology proves that Gratitude Meditation not only increases happiness and is good for the soul but it may even prevent heart disease.

Try this experiment. Next time you find yourself thinking negative thoughts, feeling resentment, discouragement, or irritation about someone or something, turn your attention to something you are grateful for. Express gratitude from your heart. See how quickly your mood changes for the better!

You can even be grateful towards the source of your negative feelings - for teaching you a life lesson and to learn to cultivate more gratitude. Gratitude is like a medicine for the mind, heart and soul.

Here's an easy way to practice gratitude right now: Turn on a Flow Focus meditation, and focus on the word Gratitude or Þakklæti. In just four minutes you can experience a profound impact! Try it today!

Enjoy a wonderful day, full of gratitude and all of the proven benefits of meditation!

Tristan Elizabeth Gribbin

Chief Meditation Officer - Flow - Meditation for modern life


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