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Good news from Flowvr’s Corporate Wellness Front!

Good news from Flowvr’s Corporate Wellness Front!

FlowVR is proud to report some of the important findings from our most recent pilot project with Coor in Sweden. Coor provides facility management services to over 1,500 of the leading corporations in the Nordics. In this two month pilot study, we tap into two strong trends within wellness solutions for employees and clients: meditation and VR training.

“The Flowvr pilot at Coor has created a great curiosity and interest among our employees. We enjoyed working with the Flowvr team and we gathered valuable data to show that having Flowvr at Coor has shown there is a correlation between meditation in VR and improvements in stress, well-being, happiness, energy and focus. Flowvr’s combined focus on health and innovation is very well in line with Coor’s ambitions about increasing the well-being in the workplace, for our employees and for our customers.”

This study has helped us with designing our FlowVR corporate programs, FlowVR version 2.0 of our VR app and the Flow mobile app as well as providing a lot of information regarding best practices to share with future clients.

The results below come from a 7-week pilot with approximately 50 participants as well as combined results over the 7 weeks from a physical survey kept next to the VR station with over 82 participants, many of them first time users.

During the program we had a weekly report of c. 40–50% that using Flowvr had a positive effect in general:

To further explore what benefits users felt they gained we asked them to rate six different qualities on a scale of 1–5. The main areas that users in the pilot reported benefits in were less stress and increased well-being, with more energy following close behind.

We also gathered verbal accounts to see if there were areas of effects that we were missing. Users’ verbal accounts reported the main perceived effects being feelings of more quiet, relaxation and calm. However, there were a multitude of other effects reported such as more focus, less stress, a clearer head, more harmony and it being easier to get a smile. We were particularly happy to see reports from users saying that after a few weeks, just putting on the headset and turning FlowVR on already gave them a feeling of calm.

The physical test taken over the whole 7 weeks that was at the VR stations had about 80 participants and many who were not in the test group and were trying it for the first time. The results of that test strengthened further the findings of the pilot with 77% reporting a positive effects after using Flowvr, the main reported positively affected areas being stress and well-being and the most reported effects being more quiet, calm and relaxed.

Amazingly this study almost mirrored the findings of the pilot identically while pivoting the results toward an even more favorable outcome. It is worth mentioning that in the weekly test group had a few participants each week that stated they did not mediate that week while still answering questions like “Do you feel a difference in your mind after meditating with Flowvr”, this may have driven the weekly statistic down and could explain the difference between the two tests.

During the pilot we also learned a lot about what types of locations inside companies suit the use of FlowVR best and we have incorporated that into our information package for future clients.

Tristan stated, “The follow up workshop was a real confirmation that FlowVR had a profound impact on the participants and on the organization, from my point of view. Hearing the stories and discussing the feedback we gathered from the people who used FlowVR at work gave us a tremendous confidence that we are on a great track with bringing VR meditation and meditation technology to the workplace. Now we know the details of what will keep our customers even more engaged and happy.”

We hope you find these findings of this pilot as interesting as we do and we will all reap the benefits of these studies in later this year in the new versions of Flow and future programs.

On behalf of the Flowvr team,

Magnús Norðfjörð


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