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Go Deeper!

The purpose of meditation is to connect deep within, going deeper than the mind and into the realm of the heart. From there, we can access more calm and focus, and our true qualities like inner strength, courage, and humility to name a few.

Here are three ways to connect more deeply inside yourself:

  1. Take deep full breaths. Breathe in deeper than you normally do, making an effort on the inhale to really fill your whole lungs. Relax your body on the exhale. Repeat.

  2. Move and stretch. As you breathe, gently move and stretch your body and release any tension you might feel, for example in your shoulders or neck, spine, hips or legs.

  3. Actively release some stress. You can consciously let go by putting on of one your favorite songs, and allowing yourself to take a quick break from the day and just BE. Allow your feelings to bubble up, and let them come, and let them go.

Once you have done one or more of these action steps, you will be more connected into the heart center of your body. You can then focus on what you really want for your day: like more quality time!

Recommended song for this exercise: Ekki Hugsa or Near Light by Olafur Arnalds


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