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Flow at Work

Whether we are working from our home or office, it's critical that we have powerful ways to decrease stress and boost our mental wellbeing.

Even before Covid, 80% of workers in the US reported they feel stress on the job. Nearly half say they need help in learning how to manage stress, and 42% say their coworkers need such help.* Stress was estimated to cost American businesses up to $300 billion a year.** Those numbers have risen dramatically.

Meditation is a scientifically proven cure to these types of stress but it’s very hard to slow down and practice meditation, especially during times of overwhelming stress.

At Flow, our mission is to provide immediate access to the proven benefits of meditation through cutting edge technology and we teleport people like you to Iceland to your own private meditation retreat.

Flow takes you to the heart of Icelandic nature, immersed in a wide variety of stunning 360°pure landscapes where your mind naturally becomes more calm and you can meditate and succeed in meditation from your very first try.

Flow allows people to meditate on the go, with their eyes open whether it’s in Flow VR, Flow mobile apps or by participating in our online Flow workplace wellness programs.

With Flow you can meditate in six ways - not just mindfulness, but we are also teaching people how to move in meditation, how to let go, and actively release stress from the body and mind because then it is easier to reach a deeper state of calm where you can focus your mind, and access meditation’s proven benefits including more clarity and joy.

Flow offers many digital tools that empower people to manage their mental wellbeing. For example this four minute meditation, allows you to focus on gratitude or on a positive quality you want gain more of like confidence or joy.

We have helped 50 corporations across Iceland and the Nordics from Telecom to Banking, and Energy to IT to provide more mental wellness for their employees through Flow subscription programs.

In my personal experience as a meditation teacher throughout 20 years of practice, it's the life lessons we learn about ourselves in our relationships and in work which are our most valuable life lessons. We learn what our strengths and weaknesses are, and we are constantly presented with opportunities to grow and change.

I founded Flow in 2016 because I knew in my heart since I discovered meditation's life changing power, in 2000, that millions of people need and want the powerful gifts meditation can give. In 2016, when Flow first entered the market I myself was seeking to create more fulfilling work for myself, and somehow I knew that by building a meditation technology company, I was going to be able to give myself 100% to the area I could be most passionate about: meditation for the world.

"Do you love your work?
When Freud was asked to define happiness, he gave this simple answer: “Work and love.”
We all want to be happy at work, not only because we spend a significant part of our life working, but also because it is a source of meaning for many of us and the lessons for wellbeing we learn here can be applied to other areas of our lives."

From the article, Flow at work, on

Whether you work from home these days or go to an office, our working hours normally comprise the biggest part of our day. Therefore, it's vitally important we feel a sense of joy, growth and fulfilment in our work.

"Finding your sweet spot at work happens because we are doing something 1. we are good at and 2. that gives us energy.", says author Josh Allan Dykstra, author of "Igniting the Invisible Tribe - Designing an Organisation that Doesn't Suck."

At Flow we aim to do just that: let each one of our team members excel at what they do best, at work that also energises them so that each and every day, we can wake up and look forward to succeeding in our mission of bringing access to meditation's gifts to as many people as possible.

*The American Institute of Stress

** The World Health Organisation report 2012


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