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Down to Earth

Connecting to nature and getting grounded not only feels healthy, but helps us be more calm and mindful.

Here are my favorite ways to get grounded:

  • Walking barefoot on the grass

  • Breathing deep in nature

  • Taking a cold shower

  • Visiting waterfalls

  • Sea swimming

  • Meditation

  • Hiking

"We’ve all experienced being grounded. We feel “at home”. But this is a fleeting experience. Thankfully, there are grounding techniques to help us get and stay rooted in our bodies. Grounding techniques listed in this article can clear the mind, recharge energy, and calm the emotions."

Getting grounded not only feels good but grounding is scientifically proven to help us health-wise in the following ways:

My very favorite way to get grounded is to meditate in nature. Next time you are out in the wild, turn on your meditation and instantly feel the incredible benefits! If you don't have access to the raw outdoors, then try meditating in Icelandic nature in Flow VR!

Read the full article with more examples from Scott Jeffrey "How to Ground Yourself: 9 Ways to Achieve Instant Calm and Regain your Center".

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