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Born to be wild

Kerid Crater, in the Grímsnes area in South Iceland. Photo by Hugrún Halldórsdóttir

Meditating in Icelandic nature is super powerful. Surrounded by vast untouched landscapes, you are immersed in wonder. Immediately your mind becomes more calm, and you can easily breathe and focus. Flow makes this awe and beauty accessible to you at any moment.

Take some time this weekend to go outdoors and connect to nature and while you are out there, use a Flow meditation on your mobile phone.

You can do this by just taking a walk and noticing the greenery and the sky, as you breathe and Flow. The combination of being in outside in nature and meditating with Flow will be profound and transformative. You can do this walking through town, noticing trees in a park, in a garden, on a hiking trail... find your sweet spot.

Flow, the world’s first immersive meditation platform, springs from the vast beauty of pure Icelandic nature. Being inspired by nature imagery is scientifically proven to boost your mental health.

If you can, take advantage of Flow at work today, and use Flow VR. Feel nature’s positive effects as you meditate.

Enjoy your Flow!

Background: Originally from Palo Alto, California, Tristan Elizabeth Gribbin founded Flow VR in Iceland in the summer of 2016 and since then has led hundreds of corporate meditation classes.

Throughout her life Tristan has tried all kinds of meditation in different places in the world along with her husband film director Stefan Árni. Both are trained meditation leaders, and they are the current voices of Flow -- Tristan in English and Stefan in Icelandic. At the heart of Flow’s offerings (Flow VR and Flow apps) is the Flow meditation method, which features six modes:

“We provide a wide variety of tools and the Flow method has a special power that helps people connect to a profound experience of meditation from the first try”, Tristan says, “These tools are designed to help people living in our challenging and chaotic climate. We are dealing with high levels of stress.”

She says that meditation has the ability to “ people to open up to the depth of everything that is inside of us, to break free from old patterns and thoughts that hold us back. People are always seeking more well-being, happiness and inner strength. It is our own responsibility to choose what we do with our lives and how we go about this search. Flow is here to support that.”


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