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Walking meditation

"Walking is the ideal meditation," writes Robert Moor, an American bestselling writer and journalist. His internationally acclaimed book, On Trails: An Exploration inspires readers to walk in nature, and to find their own unique path and keep moving forward. "Paths are more than just dry mud; they have a deeper meaning. Paths make sense out of chaos and create order."

Walking gives us a rhythm as we move and breathe fresh air and arrive ready to look forward with more positivity and receptivity. Walking can literally move us physically and mentally from focusing on problems to finding solutions as we connect deeper within!

As Moore writes in an interview in Flow magazine, "A path reminds you that other people have preceded you, and the others will follow in your footsteps." We are not alone in our struggles and in our triumphs. "By moving we feel we are alive." and "moving is growing and flourishing both mentally and physically."

He continues, "The feeling you have when when you find your groove, you move on your own path, doing what you are made for, is incomparable to anything else. You excel, you thrive and all your capacities are optimally utilised. That is the best feeling in the world."

Here is a walking meditation video I made back in March... demonstrating how a simple walk outside can be made into a meditation on positivity!


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