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OM. Man. Breakthrough.

This is my reality. What's your reality? I posted this picture on Facebook the other day, and in 3 hours I had over 50 comments. This photo seems to draw people to it like a magnet! Everyone is looking for something... some connection to the truth inside of themselves.

The first time I tried this exercise I got the words "Creation. Connection. Change." Change is God's middle name, and I am working creating technology that connects people through meditation, so that felt fitting. I am in the middle of moving which is a big change!

My dear friend and genius Flow mentor Anders from Stockholm asked me, "Why don't your meditation posts get that many responses?" I guessed, "Do you think my posts are boring people? Do I need to make them more personal, juicy, engaging?"

I think that people are not drawn to meditation like a magnet like they are to viral pictures like this one, but they should be! If Flow meditation could attract dozens, hundreds or thousands of people to get into a dialogue from one image or post, that would be a dream come true. That's why I am sharing this with you today.

Om. Man. Breakthrough. That can be interpreted in various ways but right now it makes me feel grateful to have a friend like Anders with whom I can discuss meditation and technology with in-depth, and have a breakthrough in mind and heart!

What's your reality? What three words did you get? Please share them here.

Then I would ask you, "How can your reality be transformed through meditation? How can we best serve you?" That's what I want to know!


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