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Meditate in Iceland

When my first "Aha" moment happened in Iceland, I was standing at a sacred place in Thingvellir where Icelandic ancestors held their first parliaments, over a thousand years ago.

I closed my eyes, immersed in the natural wonders and history of the place and I heard a compelling voice say to me, inside my own mind and heart, "Center yourself, Breathe." It was a mystery which began to unveil a new world to me. Being surrounded by pure Icelandic nature leads more easily to these profound meditative moments.

I talk about this in my TEDx talk. Often visitors when they come to Iceland for the first time are overwhelmed by the untouched purity of the landscape, and it naturally opens their minds and hearts. Many people in Iceland find meditative moments while swimming, fishing, golfing or hiking in the great outdoors. It just comes naturally, in a Flow.

Flow - Meditation for modern life can connect you to Icelandic nature via our VR app and our platform. Like many modern meditation apps, Flow is not connected to any particular belief system, so it can be for everyone. You don't have to believe a thing. It works better if you have an open mind. You just have to trust your own self.

Flow has created a platform in Iceland, harnessing the power of Icelandic nature, to bring all the best meditation tools to the mainstream through cutting edge technology. Flow makes the proven benefits of meditation accessible to all. We combine the power of Icelandic nature with music and gentle guidance in English and Icelandic. More to come.

Enjoy your journey!


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