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💛How to best use your Flow app

The Flow Meditation app for iOS and Android helps you find more clarity and joy with powerful access to the proven benefits of meditation in just 4 minutes.

Please note: this is our first version of our Flow Meditation mobile app. We welcome your critique, as we aim to continuously improve all of our products in cooperation with you. You are our most important customer. We received feedback already, and are working hard to fix things. ;-)

Some of our users have come back to us with great stories:

I used the Flow Restore meditation in Icelandic with my 8-year-old son when he was going to bed. He went to sleep relaxed and even said that he could feel his body relaxing into his cozy bed.”

I used the Flow Move and Let go mediations while walking to work. I was able to get energized for my day and I was able to let go of something that was really bothering me.

Two voices

In the Flow Meditation app, we offer two different voices, one English - female and one Icelandic - male.

Explore the six modes of Flow any time, anywhere:

Breathe - Our breath is the foundation of meditation

Move - Movement helps us open up and access more positive energy

Let go - Releasing stress or tension can increase our ability to go deeper within

Calm - From a deeper state of peace we can receive the infinite benefits of meditation

Focus - To have an intention gives us a powerful direction in meditation

Restore - Better sleep/rest recharges us and boosts well being

Each of the six modes is highly effective on its own but in combination with each other can produce powerful transformative experiences. Ask yourself “How do I feel today?” Then ask “What do I want to find in my meditation?” Then look at the six modes and choose the one that pops out to you and give it a try.

With Flow Meditation you’ll get:

  • Meditate on the go with eyes open

  • Music from Icelandic artists

  • Choose Icelandic or English

  • Choose to have music on and off

  • Soothing voices of expert teachers

  • Turn guided meditation on and off

  • Icelandic nature videos to inspire

  • Track your time spent in meditation

  • Track frequency and current streak

  • Choose a duration of 4 or 8 minutes

  • Meditations suitable for the entire family

  • A great companion app for Flow VR

Learn more at

To your vibrant health! 💛Tristan Elizabeth

💛Download the Flow Meditation app from now 💛

1 commentaire

Tristan Gribbin
Tristan Gribbin
06 nov. 2020

I'm so excited for the Flow Meditation app to come out in the Play Store... can't wait. Go with the Flow!

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