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Going Deep in Meditation

My favorite meditation quote is, "The solution to the problem is to go deeper."

We filmed 360° Flow videos of the volcano at Geldingardal to encourage everyone to dive deeper in meditation.

The real purpose of meditation is to go deep. When you can reach a deep state of calm and awareness, you can from there access all the proven benefits of meditation like more clarity of mind, joy, the ability to focus the mind, be energized, and feel more confident and ready to be in positive action.

What does it mean to go deeper? In our Flow meditations in VR and on our mobile apps, we sometimes say, for example, "take a deep full breath, and notice that with each deep breath you can feel yourself dropping deeper within". But why go deeper?

Our minds like to be in control, and take us out of a deep calm place and get us busy with countless things like negativity, distractions, worry, irritation, and issues. It's not easy to drop all of that activity and reach a deep state of peace inside yourself.

When you can go deep, the mind loses its tight grip of control, and the heart starts to lead the way. The realm of the heart is where all our best qualities come from like courage, love, connection, passion, inner strength, determination, and humility. We can then receive meditation's countless benefits.

So, how do we go deeper? We meditate! When we Breathe, and Move our bodies - like in Flow, with stretching, or shaking off stress, and we Let go of tension in the body and mind, we can then more effortlessly Calm down and reach a deep state where we can Focus our minds on what we want to find in life and in our meditation, and we can fully Restore, relax and recharge our batteries. Each mode of Flow is designed to connect us deeper and to help us succeed in meditation every time.

The six modes of Flow:

  • Breathe - Our breath is the foundation of meditation

  • Move - Movement helps us open up and access positive energy

  • Let go - Releasing stress can increase our ability to go deeper within

  • Calm - From a deeper state we receive the true benefits of meditation

  • Focus - An intention gives us a powerful direction in meditation

  • Restore - Better sleep/rest recharges us and boosts well being

Click on one of the six modes of Flow above & experience a free 4-minute meditation

You can experience this kind of deep meditation today with the six modes of Flow. Enjoy!


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