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Go with the Six Modes of Flow

In today's current climate our thoughts and feelings are in a constant state of flux.

That's why especially in today's stressful environment, we need a wide variety of meditation tools for us to use in between or on the go, to empower us to access the real benefits of meditation like more clarity and joy wherever, whenever and even with our eyes open.

Flow provides six highly effective ways to meditate!

The six modes of Flow:

  1. Breathe - Our breath is the foundation of meditation

  2. Move - Movement helps us open up and access positive energy

  3. Let go - Releasing stress can increase our ability to go deeper within

  4. Calm - From a deeper state we receive the true benefits of meditation

  5. Focus - An intention gives us a powerful direction in meditation

  6. Restore - Better sleep/rest recharges us and boosts well being

Click on one of the modes of Flow & experience a free 4-minute meditation

These six modes are designed to be highly effective while used in a full sequence as well as in shorter combinations, or individually as a stand alone. No matter which mode(s) you choose to meditate with Flow you can achieve a powerful transformative meditation, even from the very first time.

Here is a bit more detail about each of the six modes of Flow:


Let's take a long, slow deep breath. Our very own breath is one of our most powerful tools we can use in meditation. Breathing has been used by meditators throughout the ages, because breathing allows us to travel more deeply within. Normally we only breathe 20% of our lung capacity - and this is true even for top athletes. With a little effort and attention on our breath, we can breathe in more and more deeply. When we expand our breath, we increase our ability to connect inside ourselves where we can access the proven benefits of meditation - like more calm and focus.


Gentle movement and stretching as you breathe will help you open up your breath more and let go of any tension you might be feeling in your body. Breathe and trust how your body wants to move, as you stay focused on your meditation. Flow offers many ways you can move in meditation including shaking off stress, walking, dancing, or while you work out. Music helps inspire us to move, and we have dozens of songs on our Flow Spotify Channel to help motivate you to breathe, move and let go!

Let go

Letting go is a true key to happiness, but it can be tricky when there are difficult or painful feelings to face and feel. That's when we need powerful meditation tools the most, in times of stress like in today's climate, to help us deal with hard times in the best way. Flow teaches you how you can actively let go so you can get through stress to the other side, where you feel more free to express yourself and achieve your heart's desire. Remember, letting go does not always need to be hard, it can also be joyful like in times of celebration. Whether the letting go is happy or sad, it's always a good step in meditation to allow your feelings to be released and flow.


In meditation, the goal is to achieve a calm state of connectedness where we can focus our minds and travel deeper inside ourselves. That's when the many real benefits of meditation become the most accessible, when we are truly calm. It often feels impossible to sit down and close our eyes and quickly achieve a calm state when we are in the middle of our busy, often stressful day. Sometimes we are lucky, but most often it takes some time and effort to reach a calm place within. That's why Flow provides the six modes with tools to prepare one self to drop deeper into a calm state by first breathing, moving, letting go, or all three. 360° immersion in nature also helps to calm the mind, so we can meditate effectively.


Focusing in meditation is one of the most powerful tools we can learn. Focusing on what we wish to achieve helps draw to us the positive energy or change we are seeking. Focus becomes easier and more natural once we have reached a more calm place within. From there we can focus our minds more on what we desire to find in our meditation. It might be an answer to an important question in your life. It might be a quality you want to find more of like creativity, confidence or joy. There are so many real benefits to be found in meditation, like insights and solutions. The possibilities are infinite, and it's very to helpful to have a focus on what you wish to gain in your meditation. lf you are not sure what you are looking for, one very helpful quality to focus on is gratitude. Focusing on gratitude in meditation always brings a positive shift and result.


The the final mode of Flow is called Restore, and helps us really relax and rest. The need for better quality rest and sleep is truly great in our times of crisis. Many people struggle to sleep the whole night through. The Restore mode is where we can meditate to experience a full body relaxation, similar to what we do at the end of a yoga class, in shivasana. Bringing our attention to all the muscles of the body, relaxing as we go, from the toes all the way to the top of the head you can quickly achieve a 4 or 8 minute power nap that will totally help you unwind and leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.


Most often we have a fully programmed day, so from the time we wake up to the time we go to bed at night we are busy and moving quickly from one activity to the next.

Once we have become familiar with the six modes of Flow we can use them in our lives at any time, night or day and even on the go with our eyes open.

For example, we can wake up and start with a Focus meditation, to choose to set a positive tone for the day ahead. We can Breathe and Move as we walk to work, or Let go as we do our daily workout. We can take a four minute power nap with Restore between meetings, or Calm before a big presentation. We can prepare for a great night's sleep with Flow.

There are many ways we can incorporate the six modes into our daily routines, and boost our days and nights with the power of meditation's benefits.

Here's what our customers have to say about Flow, with the six modes of Flow:

Flow at work:

"Having Flow at Coor has shown there is a correlation between meditation in VR and improvements in stress, well-being, happiness, energy and focus. Flow’s combined focus on health and innovation is very well in line with Coor’s ambitions about increasing the well-being in the workplace, for our employees and our customers."

Ylva Berg, CIO Coor Service Management

Flow VR:

"Best meditation app I have found anywhere!" - Matt on SideQuest

"The experience reminded me of going on retreat, being lead by a skillful guide in a sacred place. This is so valuable! With the variety of practices, it presents a complete package to rejuvenate, de-stress, calm down and transform suffering. Thank you for developing this!" Craig Mackie

Professor of Mindfulness and certified Psychotherapist

I found Nirvana.” Goran, CEO of Aim, Sweden

Flow Mobile app:

Love the music and the guidance is just right.” - Gudrun on the App Store

Best meditation app I have tried!” Valgerdur, Play Store


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