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Flow Meditation in the App Store

Do you want to learn to meditate in Icelandic nature?

Flow Meditation helps you find more clarity and joy with powerful access to the proven benefits of meditation in Icelandic nature in just 4 minutes. Meditation is more important now than ever in our challenging climate and Flow is here to provide powerful tools to help meet your needs. You can download the app here.

Flow Meditation combines state of the art nature imagery filmed in Iceland with carefully curated music by international artists like Sigur Ros and Ólafur Arnalds with highly effective guided meditations in the six modes of Flow.

This is the first version of Flow Meditation mobile app and it's completely free, and we welcome your comments and critique because we aim to continuously improve all of our products in cooperation with you, our users.

The six modes of Flow

Breathe - Our breath is the foundation of meditation

Move - Movement helps us open up and access more positive energy

Let go - Releasing stress or tension can increase our ability to go deeper within

Calm - From a deeper state of peace we can receive the infinite benefits of meditation

Focus - To have an intention gives us a powerful direction in meditation

Restore - Better sleep/rest recharges us and boosts well being

Each of the six modes works powerfully on their own but in combination with each other can produce impactful, transformative experiences.

Tailored for you

We provide a wide variety of meditation tools in the six modes of Flow because today, during our global crisis facing Covid, we need powerful ways to release stress, let go of tension in our bodies and minds as well as boost our ability to focus and think positively.

If you try all six modes of Flow in a row, for between 24- 48 minutes, depending on the length of sessions you choose, you can have a life-changing experience.

No matter what you are looking to find in meditation and what you want to learn to let go of, Flow allows for easily integrated experiences of meditation to become a beneficial part of your daily routine.

Do I need to close my eyes in meditation?

Sometimes we need to meditate when we are on the go, running, in the shower, or even washing the dishes. You can do that with Flow by listening to the guided meditations. You can also have your eyes open in meditation, looking at nature imagery in your Flow Meditation app to help you feel inspired. This is particularly helpful for beginners that feel like closing their eyes is the hardest part of meditation because the mind may become anxious or overactive with a lot of thoughts and feelings. Flow can help you with that.

What you’ll get:

  • Meditate on the go with eyes open

  • Music from Icelandic artists

  • Choose to have music on and off

  • Soothing voices of expert teachers

  • Turn guided meditation on and off

  • Icelandic nature videos to inspire Track your time spent in meditation, frequency, and current streak

  • Six modes of Flow

  • Choose a duration of 4 or 8 minutes

  • Choose Icelandic or English

  • Meditations suitable for the entire family

  • A great companion app for Flow VR

  • Learn more at

Flow at work

Flow ehf was founded in 2016 and has serviced over 50 corporations in Iceland, Sweden, and Norway who have reported that having access to Flow VR has had a positive impact on their company. The unique Flow VR experiences are mesmerizing, immersive, and effective at any time, anywhere, and from the very first try - and with continued repeated use.

The Flow team

Our uniqueness springs from our excellent creative team based in Iceland: including a visionary VR developer, award-winning filmmakers Arni & Kinski,, who have directed some of the world's best music videos and strong female leadership in our Founders, CEO, CMO, and CFO.


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