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Flow in a Quiet Space

Maria Therese Jessen-Petersen, of Quiet Space in Copenhagen, and I have been in an inspiring dialogue about meditation at work.

Maria and I first met at Matrikel1, the hottest co-working space in Denmark, back in 2019 when Flow was on its fundraising tour of the Nordics. We have dreamed of collaborating ever since. ;-)

Maria is the Founder of Quiet Space - Implementing quiet spaces (beautiful Japanese Tatami Rooms) for cultivating mental health through meditation and silence within corporations in Copenhagen as well as abroad. With its flagship location at Matrikel1, at the heart of the capital, Quiet Space is in the right place and time to impact society, one heart and mind at a time.

Our conversation is passionate because Maria and I share so much in common when it comes to meditation and corporate wellness.

Maria is heartful in bringing meditation to where it's needed most: to fast-paced, overworked executives.

She says, "These decision-makers are the heart(beat) of an organization. By empowering them to stop, BREATHE in, disconnect, reflect, and reconnect, they will no doubt become more balanced and resilient leaders. Connected leaders build sustainable organizations that thrive from the inside and out, as they lead from purpose to purpose, from the heart to heart."

Maria is excited to bring Flow to QuietSpace, as she feels Flow will help her clients access and step into a more meditative state. "It's so crucial in 2020 to allow space and time for reflection. How can we be expected to speed up without slowing down first? It’s a paradox, to step forward and out, we need to step back and in. This being the essence of QuietSpace, a room dedicated to taking care of our minds and obviously therefore of, our overall being(ness). Having Flow in my space is a critical tool to help my clients access their inside toolbox, so they can step forward with more direction, more focus, more purpose, gratitude, and heart and actually achieve more of what truly is important to them, in their lives, as well as during their busy workday."

Maria commented on the interest in Flow from corporates: “I have noticed that sometimes folks struggle with meditation in the middle of the workday. Flow makes it much easier to drop into that state of mindfulness by immersing people in nature. It's effortless. It's precious to see that happening - and see the joy in people's eyes, what a beautiful sight.”

Flow, founded in 2016 gives access to the proven benefits of meditation through cutting edge technology like virtual reality and corporate wellness programs. What a perfect fit for Quiet Space where executives take the time to unplug and meditate.

Flow is thrilled to now have a Flow headset on show at Maria’s flagship Quiet Space at Matrikel1 where Flow can be experienced by so many leaders and changemakers who are either based there or who are passing through. More to come on the collaboration between Flow and Quiet Space.

Contact Maria Therese Jessen-Petersen for more information on how to bring Quiet Space and Flow to your organization: tel: + 45 21625082 /


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