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Arni & Kinski-Genius at Work

Flow is starting an Artist of the Month blogpost. For September, we celebrate our very own artistic directors, film directors Stefan Arni and Siggi Kinski of the directing duo Arni & Kinski.

Arni & Kinski (A&K) have worked with some of the greatest musicians of our day like Sigur Ros, with videos like Viðrar vel til loftárása voted # 9 in the 100 greatest music videos of all time by NME plus Glósoli, Hoppipolla, Gobbeldigook, and Rembihnutur, about meditation.

My favourite pics: Click on the songs to see heartwarming videos by A&K:

Olafur Arnalds: Ekki Hugsa and Back to the Sky

Snow Patrol: If I lay here

Kiasmos: Blurred Of Monsters and Men: Crystals

J.P. Cooper: September Song

Jónsi: Go Do

Click on the photos to see an A&K interview with an overview on their treasure trove of work.

Since 2017, Arni & Kinski have been creating the stunning 360° nature videos in Icelandic nature for Flow. They combine the visuals with carefully curated music by Icelandic artists including Sigur Ros, Jonsi and Alex, GusGus and Peter Jónsson. They also co-create meditation content and Stefan's voice is the current Icelandic voice of Flow. Stefán Árni and Siggi Kinski have been meditating with sincere dedication since the year 2000, and have spent significant time with enlightened spiritual masters. Their skill and depth of experience inform the highly effective meditation content crafted by A&K and Flow Founder Tristan Elizabeth Gribbin.

Back history: Since the mid 1990's Arni & Kinski have been making award winning music videos and touching hearts all over the globe. Stefan and Siggi were the original founding members of GusGus, which grew into a dynamic art collective. GusGus churned out classic hits with videos directed by A&K like Polyesterday and Ladyshave, and although Arni & Kinski exited GusGus in 2001, the internationally beloved band continues to blow the minds and hearts of all their fans. A&K moved to Los Angeles in 2001 to focus on their films and directed dozens of commercials including for Mercedes, Toyota, Wrigley's, Old Navy, Macy's, Budweiser and many more. Right now they are doing a piece for Soley Organics.

Current news: Arni & Kinski are developing spiritual films. One of them, "To Heal the Broken Hearted", is a dramatic feature film about the life of Saint Charles of Mount Argus, Ireland, written by Lawrence Inglee. They also have recently received funding from the Icelandic Film Fund to lay the groundwork for a GusGus documentary.


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