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A New Christmas With New Tools

five Easy ways you can transform Christmas hustle and stress into more peace, joy and love

This Christmas is a little different and we have all been through many changes. Here are some powerful ways to make the very best of this holiday time:

  1. Try the brand new Flow Breathe meditation, "Heartful Breath" in both English and Icelandic, just published on our Flow Meditation mobile apps for Android and iOS.

  2. Share the Flow app with your kids, family and friends, and even try a meditation together while in front of the TV with the Flow web app, or while out on a walk.

  3. If you are feeling frustrated, being the only one to clean up or just feeling overwhelmed by all there is to do this Christmas, letting go with Flow. Music helps! You can use a Flow Let go playlist on Spotify to help motivate you to really let go. ;-)

  4. Need to lift your spirits? Holiday music helps and here is our Flow favorite Christmas music for you on Spotify.

  5. When you are having a hard time, the best remedy is to turn around and give love and care to another person. Giving and sharing is the spirit of the season, and lifts us out of our own troubles and into a flow of more love and kindness. Focus on the love, and that is what will grow and expand.

From our hearts to yours, we invite you to be more in the Flow, and feel more of the many wonderful qualities like more peace, love and joy all around us in this special season.

Click on the Flow mobile app photo to download and share the Flow Meditation app. Now you don't even need a VR headset to meditate on the go, and with your eyes open, inspired by Icelandic nature. It's free.

Merry Christmas!


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