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💛Flow 2020

At Flow we practice looking on the bright side every day. 💛

The global crisis we are in that was triggered by the Corona virus has brought upon all of us many changes. Some of those changes have been positive, like spending more quality time with family, and some are hard. People often resist change because it's uncomfortable or scary. With meditation, changes don't have to seem so daunting and even with the tough ones, we can make the best of them and focus on the positive. Much growth happened!

For the Flow team, the virus made it challenging for our corporate wellness programs, because many companies faced big changes and sent their employees to work from home. We engaged with 40 companies this past year, and corporate wellness was our %1 focus. This change has meant that we needed to shift our focus to keeping our customers engaged and to consumers, to provide even better access to our meditations online, and more individual access to Flow VR. We created a web portal so that folks can meditate from home, via their phones and while on the go. We are also migrating our Flow app to the Quest which is a fast growing platform.

This summer we focused on filming more nature scenes for our virtual reality experiences and for our web and mobile apps. We were able to capture locations that otherwise would have been hard to get, because usually there are crowds of tourists. We went to the East part of Iceland, to Stuðlagil, Dettifoss and Ásbyrgi. This was a magical time. We look forward to capturing fall colors soon in 360°. Due to the weather there are more blueberries this year than ever, and we encourage everyone to get out into nature and get filled up with the beauty and wonder (and blueberries!) while this weather lasts.

We started blogging in earnest this summer and on our Flow blog we are covering a wide range of topics all centering around meditation and wellbeing. If you have not done it already please browse through our many articles, for example Just Breathe!, Leaders Meditate and Modern Lifesaver ,and get inspired! Hundreds of people around the world have been loving reading our blog posts and this helps raise our Flow platform to another level.

Last but definitely not least this summer we closed our seed round, $580,000 USD with our lead investor, Iceland Venture Studio, with Nordic XR and Funderbeam. Our fundraise was announced in the global media and we have been receiving great interest and attention. This supports us to keep growing our platform. Stay tuned and go with the Flow - meditation for modern life!


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